DIY pool building courses

Organic Pool Courses 2023

1-Day Pool Courses - Dairy Barn, Norfolk

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09.30am - 4.30pm

1 day course

Dairy Barn. Saxthorpe, Norfolk UK

Price: 260 GBP

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Covid alertness. The course will be held outdoors but in the event of bad weather we would move to a large well ventilated polytunnel. Attendees are asked to bring a face mask and their own food and drink for the day. There is an outdoor compost toilet and outside hand washing. Depending on weather conditions, attendees are asked to provide their own sunshade and suitable clothing. Numbers of course attendees will be limited.


Resolve to have your own Natural Swimming Pool and spring board into building your own. The course will get you up and away, or down and digging. Come and experience Organic pools for yourselves, in the relaxed surroundings of our Norfolk smallholding home. Learn the theory of how the pools work, and how they are constructed, as well as the practical skills needed to build your own.

"thank you for your time, hospitality and generosity of sprit. I had a wonderful day at Dairy Barn and I will long remember it. Made a huge difference to my understanding of the issues surrounding the creation of the pool at Holly Cottage, and am thoroughly looking forward to creating it." Dr Paul Scott, Cumbria.

"Thanks again for this very nice journey to your world. Very instructive and enlightening course. Hope I will be able to dig for myself pretty soon." Xavier, France.

"The course was perfect for me with its combination of theory, your experience and the simplification of what seems to be a complex idea." Bill, North Norfolk.

The courses are a mixture of theory, practical demonstrations of construction techniques, copious amounts of builders' tea, delicious food and lots of fun with water!

We run a selection of courses to introduce people to Organic Pools. All courses involve a mixture of both theory and practical sessions. They are based on small groups, with a friendly and informal atmosphere, and plenty of opportunities for questions and discussions.

The method I have developed is unique: a system which works with nature, minimising energy use, and reusing materials, to create a beautiful swimming area within a thriving natural ecosystem. Our courses give empathetic understanding of the aquatic biology so we may tread softly and maintain the balance in a natural pool, as well as the practical hands-on sessions, to bring our dream pool to fruition.

One Day Courses:

An introduction to Organic Pools (OP) for people interested in finding out about these pools and considering building one of their own. Theory and practical sessions, as well as the chance to experience OP for yourself. Cost 210 GBP.

Areas covered in the one day course:

. How organic pools work

. Pool ecology

. Construction techniques - new build and conversions

. Energy considerations

. Bubble-lift air pumps

. Pool contouring

. Laying underliner, liner and overliner

. Plant selection

. Water quality

. Safety

. Discussion of participants projects

. Take the plunge - optional swim - bring a costume!

This was my first course and I was fortunate enough to have a couple of great guys, Nick and Bill, eager to learn how to make a pool for themselves.
"I would first of all like to say what an enjoyable day I had with you and your family, please thank Mrs Dave (Alison) for the tea, coffee and great food and the obvious support she gives you in your endeavours. The finale of having a swim in your pool was the end to a great day. I enjoy working outside in the sun so it was perfect days work. The course was perfect for me with its combination of theory, your experience and the simplification of what seems , thanks to people who want it that way, to be a complex idea." Bill from North Norfolk
The worlds smallest Organic Pool (Natural Swimming Pool) constructed as a scale model of a proper pool.
Live BBC transmission into the 8am show.
The fastest selling tours for a green building project the CPRE had ever had.
At the large pool describing how an organic pool needs to support a diverse eco-system to remain healthy.
Giving a talk with other green builders.


Bed and Breakfast Options near Dairy Barn:

please check for with them current rates.

The Pigs
Norwich Road
Edgefield, NR24 2RL
01263 587634
3 Double rooms
Rates: £130 per night
(Edgefield is only a couple of miles away from Saxthorpe. The Pigs serves great pig themed food.) (The same people also run Byfords in Holt and The Kings Head in Holt, and do B & B at both see links on the Pigs website. All rather expensive though.)

Up on the coast:

Frances Kearney
The Studio B and B,Umtata
Coast Road
Cley, NR25 7RY
01263 740382, 07798 867994
2 Double rooms one twin room
Rates: £75 double occupancy, £50 single occupancy
(Our personal favourite and fantastic location up on the coast. Quirky and relaxed, with great style, a tortoise and a three legged cat. Frances is a talented artist and our friend.)

Not far:

Mount Farm Bed and Breakfast
Hunworth Road
Norfolk, NR24 2AE
+44 (0)1263 585069, +44 (0)7825 270025
2 Double rooms.
Rates: £80-95 single occupancy £95-110 double occupancy
(recommended by friends if you want a bit of luxury).

All of those listed above we know personally, but here are a couple more we just found on the internet:

Dee Jupp
The Pink House
Norfolk, NR11 7AL
01263 577678
Rates: £35-40 single occupancy, £30-25 double occupancy per person

Birchdale Guest House
Blickling Road
Aylsham, NR116ND
01263 734531
4 rooms
Rates: £40-50 single, £66-75 double