Video download, DVD and DIY Manual pdf

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This is a 30 page version of the manual and is provided free. It describes the biological and physical basis for Natural Pools and shows how they work with nature to provide clean water for bathing. Have a look at this manual to learn more about Organic pools. You may even decide to buy the full version!

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"We thank you for the wonderful information you have compiled and thank you once again for sharing it for such a reasonable cost." Theo & Michelle & family, Canada

Please note the PDF is 12 meg. Some email servers filter anything above 10 meg. So I send it via Dropbox.

FULL VERSION pdf Organic Pools DIY Manual

cost: 8 GBP.

This is the full 160 page version of the pdf manual. Helping to bring a Natual Pool into your life! I will email the files to you but please note, this week I am not available until Friday the 10th May to send it.

Best wishes, David

Video Download - Make a Natural Swimming Pool

(Natural Swimming Pools - A Guide to Designing and Building Your Own)

The film can now be found on vimeo in full HD

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Natural Swimming Pools - A Guide to Designing and Building Your Own.

The film can be found on Vimeo but with the shorter title: "Make a Natural Swimming Pool"

Available to rent: GBP 3.50 or buy GBP 12.00

Duration 1 hour 35 minutes.