DIY organic pool films
This is my film showing how I make my Organic Pools. Its existence is entirely due to my publisher, Permanent Publications, for enthusiastically pursuing me for this DIY DVD. Natural Swimming Pools- A Guide to Designing and Building Your Own. This feature length (90min) DVD.


Follow the adventures of a small boat in my Organic Pool through the seasons. Warning: contains scenes of toad sex and other mild perils.
How to build an organic pool in 3 mins
This film is a preview of my DVD "Natural Swimming Pools- A Guide to Designing and Building Your Own."
I met Ben Law, woodsman and author, and very soon after he made his own organic pool - with lots of beautiful locally sourced wood.
How to make a modern look Organic Pool.
Joanna makes here own Organic Pool.
How to make a simple bubble powered pool vacuum.
How to make your own beach.
clip from my dvd: Natural Swimming Pools - A guide to building and designing you own.
Here's how I made a "first flush" rainwater diverter.
Me digging the larger pool.
Here, I show how I made a pool skimmer from a piece of drainage pipe, a bucket and a child's crabbing net.